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The Only Trading System You will Ever Need; EnigmaSignal

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: Mark Sear - Algo Trader & Mathematician
Isaac Tekeste – Pro Trader, Market Analyst & Systems Development Specialist

This - Wednesday, August 29th at 4:30PM Eastern Time - we are proud to feature: ❝The ONLY Trading System You will EVER Need❞ - Presented by Mark Sear; PhD Mathematics - Lead Trader & Quant Developer Isaac TekestePro Trader, Market Analyst & Systems Development Specialist; The Trading Professional Team at 



The ONLY Trading System You will EVER Need

EnigmaSignal is completely unique in the world of trading systems. We'll show you how & why we can make that statement and show you how you only need our Algo to trade Futures, Forex, Stocks & other markets on an intra-day, swing trading and/or end of day trading basis...


Attend our unique webinar to find out why Enigma Signal is the new revolution in trading. The webinar will cover:

𝔼𝕊 Why Enigma Signal will deliver more profits to your trading than any other system out there
𝔼𝕊 How our Algos hunt high profit opportunities in any market
𝔼𝕊 Watch our profits for the day on actual trades that our Algos identified
𝔼𝕊 Understand the methodology behind our systems
𝔼𝕊 Why Artificial Intelligence will make a massive improvement in your trading
𝔼𝕊 How to set up our Algos to trade for you in just 5 mins a day
𝔼𝕊 Appreciate how simple trading can be if you have a machine doing it for you
𝔼𝕊 Make money without having to manage your psychology or fear or uncertainty ever again!
𝔼𝕊 And much much more…
𝔼𝕊 Plus we will be launching our special trading software on the night so you will be among the VERY first to see it in action!


We are traders, fund mangers, mathematicians and data scientists who have created trading software that automatically scans the market to identify profitable trading opportunities. Our software uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at its core, to deliver an unparalleled trading performance.

Whether you day trade or swing trade, we have everything you need to become a successful trader. We highly recommend you join us to find out how Enigma Signal can empower your trading.  


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Risk Disclosure: Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading involves risk of loss, and is not suitable for all investors. Please do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose. To read our Trading Disclaimer in its' entirety, visit our terms on our 'Read Me' page on our website.