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Earn $1,000/Day Trading 1 Hr./Day Using This Strategy

Monday, June 17, 2019 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: Melissa Armo: Owner @ The Stock Swoosh LLC
Stock Market Expert & TV & Radio Personality

This, Monday, June 17th at 4:30PM Eastern Time,  we are proud to feature: ❝Earn $1,000/Day Trading 1 Hr./Day Using This Strategy❞  Presented by: Melissa Armo, Founder, Television Personality & Market Expert/Commentator The Stock Swoosh, LLC

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Melissa recently spoke with TD Ameritrade
Click the photo below to view the video of the interview...

 May's Month Golden Gaps Day Trades & Options: $328,505 Recap Video Below:



Learn a Strategy That Teaches You How to Read Stock Market Direction Accurately.

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Melissa Armo is the owner of The Stock Swoosh, LLC. which she founded in December of 2012. Melissa is a TV and radio personality on Fox, FBN, and other affiliated networks. 

She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Gettysburg College. Melissa had a very successful career as a mortgage broker for 17 years.

She gave it up in 2008 to pursue her love for trading. Melissa became a very successful trader after she developed her own system for trading that relies on capitalizing on the big moves that occur near the open of the stock market every day. She has built an international business that informs clients how to trade successfully utilizing her system.

Melissa runs her own trading room, appears on television& radio speaking about the stock market, and speaks through on-line seminars to clients around the world. Melissa also runs regular courses, again to inform and teach people how to make the most of their acquired education in the live marketplace.

In her free time Melissa likes to work out, read, write, and dance. She loves NYC and James Bond movies. 


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Melissa Armo
- Founder  & Market Expert
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