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Winning Trades Automated for You

Wednesday, September 30 2020 3:30PM EDT



Winning Trades Automated for You

Wednesday, September 30th @ 3:30PM Eastern Time


There are times when all of us would appreciate an Easy Button. Countless times we have been asked if there is some reliable way to get consistently good trades without having to be at the computer. Well, now there is...

MAX members know that we very rarely make anything available that is not directly developed by MAX. In this case, we are happy to make an exception because it comes from people we already know and trust. You are part of this very small percentage who are invited to this premier product unveiling in a live webcast, and you'll be among the very first to access these new trades

Here it is in summary:


🍂  Trade Copier from Forex Guild

🍂  ??  Trading Methods from Eusebio and Gregory

🍂  Methods are traded manually by Forex Guild and then copied to your charts

🍂  70% Account Gain
since January 1, 2020

🍂  Discounted subscription for all VALID email webinar registrants

REGISTER NOW to Learn More About the Trade Copier!

Eusebio and Gregory have worked long and hard to develop and test three unique methods that give extraordinarily accurate setups. Now you can have these methods expertly traded, and the trades executed on your account by the Trade Copier.

Most questions will be answered by this presentation, and as always, you can ask questions during the webinar.

Although these methods are traded manually (not by robot), the trades are placed without emotion and according to strict rules.

Register to attend ~ or ~ to get the playback video —and check out the Easy Button for reliable trading.

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DATE: Wednesday, September 30th
TIME: 3:30PM (EDT) / 2:30PM (CDT) / 12:30PM (PDT)

MAX Trading System

Questions in advance of the event, OR to request a copy of the recording? Send them into the MAX team at:


?? — +1 (307) 222-3290


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