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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: Ken Goldberg - Lead Trader & Educator @

…Why Guess the Future When You Can PREDICT It⁈

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Join us on Tuesday, July 17th at 4:30PM Eastern Time and learn why our D. S.E. (Decision Support Engine) process made Ken Goldberg the #1 read contributor to, with 11 Million views in just Twelve Months. Why⁇ Objective, market-driven risk analysis for buy/sell/hold actions.

See how to take emotions and media hype OUT of your trading process, and learn how to read the messages that the market broadcasts (for free).'s Head Trader, Ken Goldberg , used the DSE Process, to win the World Cup Trading Championship’s {WCA} EMINI Division with a +121% Net Return in a single quarter.

During this presentation, Ken will explain the process he used in detail for ALL to see. Everyone in attendance will receive a 1-week free (no credit card required) trial of the DSE Trading's Live-Market TRADING ROOM broadcast, and its' private POWER ALERTS TWITTER feed, where entries and exits are DSE Screened for and identified for where best to make those entries and exits for MAX profit potential.

Finally, special guest host, Robert Doyle of Axiom Capital, will take the virtual stage to talk about the services they offer at Axiom and how these — in concert with a DSE membership, can ramp up your trading — AND your win rates to new measurable levels of success.

So, register today to spend an hour with us and come see what the DSE can do for you, as we review today’s hottest markets.

𝔻𝕊𝔼 Live overview of how the DSE (Decision Support Engine) Process works and how Ken used its' principles to secure a WCA Emini Division Championship Ranking

𝔻𝕊𝔼 Brief summary of Axiom Capital Financial Services and how they compliment DSE

𝔻𝕊𝔼 Live and interactive Q & A with our hosts

Don’t wait for earnings to be announced to see what a stock will do, come see DSE forecast what the stock should do - and watch the news arrive to justify the forecast.

Earnings season rolls heavy this week, so bring your stocks to the Q&A portion of Tuesday’s webinar and we will run your favorite through our objective crystal ball; the DSE!


1998 - Present:

Founder and CEO of, and; market analysis and financial coaching firms focusing on the needs of professional and active individual investors and traders that want to anticipate where markets should go next, rather than where they come from. Broadcasting live-market, real-time market forecasts throughout the day, using Internet collaboration software, private subscription Twitter feeds, etc. to worldwide client base. Developed decision support trading widget for day traders, which was later sold.

Registered Investment Adviser with Axiom Capital Management (New York).

Contributor to

Guest lecturer at Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University.

#1 read contributor to, with over 11 million annual page views and highest ❝stickiness❞ ranking.

Founder of three hedge funds using proprietary Algorithms as the exclusive methodology for market entry/exit/risk management selection.

World Cup Trading Championship WINNER for S&P 500 Futures ,with highest net performance in a single quarter in championship history of 121%.

Member of Chartered Market Technicians Association


BA, Psychology Honors & Distinction Program, University of Washington 1985. Extensive Research & Thesis

Ken Goldberg
Founder, Lead Trader & Chief Developer

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