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FOREX With Fresh Eyes - Proven Money Management Tips!

Wednesday, February 05, 2013 4:30PM EST
Presenter: Mentor Mike Bridges
Of The Pacific Trading Academy - Los Angeles

Mike will demonstrate in detail how his proprietary multi-contract, multi-target "peeling off" money management technique, (originally developed for day trading the S&P Emini), can also be applied to real-time Forex trading.

Mike will show you how to lower your stress and raise your enjoyment of the trading process by creating a "Free Trade" as soon as the first profit target is hit.

  • Money Management Challenges in Forex vs. Futures
  • The Dangerous Stress of Real-time Trading
  • Calculating Your Real Transaction Costs
  • Substituting Mathematics for Emotions
  • Setting Realistic and Reachable Profit Targets
  • Trailing Your Stops with Total Precision

  • Most self-taught traders suffer from information overload. Mike will help you separate the "wheat from the chaff", and get back to basics. He has always believed that the best traders are those individuals who have found a trading style that matches their intellect, personality, time horizon and level of risk tolerance.

    Mentor Mike Bridges
    Pacific Trading Academy
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