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Following ❝TELLS❞ @ Far-Right-Edge = Virtually NO Losing Days

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: Dr. Bill McDowell of BillsRoom

It's NOT Fractal❢ You Can Get Consistent Profits When You SEE & FOLLOW Real-Time-Price-Action ❝TELLS❞ on Short-Term Charts.

SUCCESSFUL STUDENT QUOTE: ❝A good trader is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.❞

DR. BILL QUOTE: ❝The most expeditious path to becoming a good trader is to find a process for learning the necessary skills that successful traders have previously followed and get them to help you do what they did, namely develop your own Trading Plan that works for you.

In BillsRoom, unlike any other room, we have a process that works for you to develop this personalized Trading Plan and the support system needed as you go through this process.❞

Most everything marketed to day traders involves predictive rules and tools for trend trades based on past price/time data. Unfortunately, such predictive methods just don’t work consistently for most traders! You likely have found that out the ‘hard way’. There’s another way you almost never hear about that really works. What really works is trading real-time price-action TELLS seen at the Far-Right-Edge of very short term charts. This is something scalpers typically do but just try to find a venue to learn scalping skills—they’re almost non-existent. The reason is there’s no big money in it for those who seek to make lots of money selling stuff to traders—which incidentally I don’t. Our approach involves learning 3 unique skills using a defined process that includes perfecting them with extensive practice using ‘Market Replay’ sim-trading 24/7. It can be described as learning to trade like a scalper but still getting trend trades when they occur.

Skill No. 1 (Entry): Reading-The-Bars (RTB) in real time at the far right edge of a very short term chart where you learn to ‘see’ Price-Action TELLS of Bulls and Bears that you can ‘follow’ long or short into a successful trade—provided the ‘context’ is not ‘too-risky’. These TELLS depend heavily on reading real time momentum using our proprietary ‘energy bars’ at the bottom of primary trading charts This is not FRACTAL, because these ‘price-action TELLS are only seen at the second-by-second level and are totally hidden in the bars on higher time frame charts.

Skill No. 2 (Entry): RTB in ALL past timeframes right up to real time in order to determine if the risk of incurring a loss right now is ‘too high’ in this extended ‘context’ of a trade. This results in a decision to opt out of following a Bull or Bear TELL entry for any real money trade when you judge the risk is ‘too high’. In fact this decision not to enter a trade is the most important trading decision you make, since it is what leads to ‘virtually no losing days’ for my students and me. In this sense, ‘Not Trading IS Trading’.

Skill No. 3 (Post-Entry-Trade-Management-PETM): Enter every trade initially with a ‘Scalp-First’ mind set and an immediate readiness to bail when continuing RTB fails to show TELLS of positive momentum. (Very little ‘letting the trade breathe’ as trend traders often teach.) On the other hand you can opt to ‘let-your-winners-run’, initially with very tight stops, based on TELLS of continued positive momentum. NEVER predict such a winner, rather just take advantage when ‘evidence’ appears in real time. PETM for potential trend trades begins by setting no-lose stops and then adjusting stops and targets either as a scalper or a trend trader, your choice.

During the more than a dozen years of full time trading—11 years trading and teaching every day in BillsRoom — I’ve communicated with many successful traders and ALL have said that they developed their own Trading Plans, albeit, they often give credit for a key parts of their plan to things they picked up from one or more ‘sources’. Bottom line, they alone put together the plan elements that turned out to work successfully for them. Importantly, they did not blindly follow precisely how some guru trader trades. Let me suggest that only when you’re ready to take full responsibility for developing your own Trading Plan that MINIMIZES ENTRY LOSERS AND PETM LOSSES will you begin to understand what it really takes to achieve success in day trading futures.

My students develop their own successful trading plans with one commonality, namely, they follow a defined process for learning RTB at the far-right-edge on short-term trading charts, i.e., they follow a process for developing their own trading plans such that their entries and my entries are most often not exactly the same even though we get into many of the same winning moves and losing trades. i.e. they don’t blindly follow the ‘guru’. They tell me that you won’t likely find any other room where you can follow such a learning process where you end up a totally independent 6 or 7-figure Master Trader with virtually no losing days. Furthermore, these successful traders will help you follow the same path they did as you develop your successful Trading Plan—at no extra cost. Why would they do this? Other Master Traders did it for them as they were learning and they’re now ‘giving back’—possibly to you. Traders please wake up to the fact that buying a ‘quickie path to success’ doesn’t work. Success only comes by taking this ROAD LESS TRAVELED in developing you own trading plan whether in my room, elsewhere or on your own. See more details below.

Before opting to join us you will have the opportunity to visit BillsRoom and check us out including making personal contacts (phone & email) with any and all students you choose thereby getting their stories. (See some below.) You’ll witness these 6 or 7-figure traders trade day-in and day-out with virtually no losing days. Furthermore, you will see posts of their results in the various markets they trade in all market conditions. (NQ,YM,ES,TF,6E,6B,6J,NG,CL,GC,DAX) In doing so you will discover how these traders all followed the same ‘defined scalp-first process’ that led to their success.

SPECIAL NOTE: You’re always welcome to login to BillsRoom for our free weekly review and informal Q&A session every Saturday @ NOON Eastern. There you often have a chance to meet and Private Message some of these successful students. Please Contact: for access. (Unlike most any other room in the world or trading we are totally transparent so you can PM anyone in the room and I’m totally unaware.)

FREE 5-HOUR VIDEO: If you register for this Webinar you will receive a link to a 5-hour instructional recording with all the details of our ‘defined scalp-first process’ of learning how to develop you own successful Trading Plan. Consider this Webinar to be an introduction to the video.

MASTER TRADERS FIND SUCCESS BY TAKING 'THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED': If you're reading this, you're likely interested in becoming a Master Trader - or you're looking to become a better one. Here are the typical decision making steps most of my successful students have taken.

 1.  You must spend time unlearning the fake principle ingrained in your brain that a good trade can be PREDICTED based on 'indicators' of past price, time and volume. Most everything sold to traders is based on this fake HOLY GRAIL principle. PREDICTING IS LEADING THE MARKET. Perhaps you're like many traders who spent years telling themselves this is what successful traders totally rely on only to become disenchanted after wasting lots of money on 'stuff' that doesn't work. (Not saying you can't use some of these indicators but their value is typically for support or to avoid entries and not as your primary criteria for trade entries.)

 2.  You conclude that successful 6 or 7-figure traders have somehow acquired the necessary skills required to manage entry decisions so as to limit the percentage of losing trades and to perform Post Entry Trade Management (PETM) so as to minimize the average size of the unavoidable losers. However, in searching for answers you find that almost no one addresses this 'Gorilla-in-the Room' issue, namely, how do you learn to do this without relying on HOLY GRAIL indicators?

 3.  You discover there is a place where this 'Gorilla-in-the-Room' is being faced, namely BillsRoom, where learning how to minimize losers and losses is the prime focus of the trading methodology. You further discover that you can choose to develop a trend trader or a scalper Trading Plan. And in either case you follow in the footsteps of BillsRoom Master Traders, because you will be following the same learning process that they did, namely, learning how to 'SCALP-FIRST', a methodology that is based on learning to read real-time price action (called Reading-The-Bars, RTB) whereby you FOLLOW WHAT TRADERS ARE DOING NOW with entries that result in:

    a)  Small move scalp winners or larger move trend winners if you choose to 'let-your-winners-run'.

    b)  A breakeven scratch trade occasionally;

    c)  A loser less than 20% of the time - loss typically averaging about the same as average profits.

 But mastering entries is not enough you learn to minimize the losses of those trades that end up being losers even though you can't predict this until you continue the RTB process in PETM.

 YES, you absolutely keep your average losers to less than 20% and you do still get in all the trend trades, if you so choose, without LEADING the market with PAST-PREDICTION methodologies usually based on 'indicators' that don't work. You also keep your average net end-of-day losses to less than 50% of profits. And you don't trade real money until you've developed a Trading Plan that is proven to work through extensive testing in highly disciplined sim-trading. In doing this you follow the principles and disciplines found in the 'must read' non-trading book that's all about trading, namely: 'The Talent Code' by Coyle and/or 'Talent Is Overrated' by Colvin.

 4.  You find that these Master Traders use the same method to learn to trade any futures market they choose, some trading as many as 12 different markets at the same time and others having learned to trade various markets focus on trading only one market at a time. You also find that in trading all these markets you automatically adapt to market changes that occur during a day or over weeks, months and even years.

 5.  You accept an invitation to visit BillsRoom, and witness ALL traders in the room either achieving 6 or 7-figure results with virtually no losing days or showing progress along the way. And you speak personally and privately with them getting their stories. You learn that these successful traders don't trade real money unless they've become sim Master Traders consistently achieving losers averaging less than 20%, average net profits exceeding losses by a factor of 2 and virtually no losing days, the latter of which is almost guaranteed by maintaining the former percentages.

 6.  In speaking with students, you discover that without charge they will be mentoring you along with me to make sure you follow the same path to success that they did— something that they say was key to their success and not found in any other room. They will tell you that there's no quick and easy path to becoming a Master Trader. You have to commit to the arduous task of spending many hours in practice trading wherein you identify 'mistakes' and constantly correct them until you can trade largely mistake free. In this sense learning to trade is just like learning to play the piano as outlined in the above mentioned books.

STUDENTS SUCCESS STORIES IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Here are several student 'stories' all of which you can confirm in personal phone and email communications as well as public and private text messaging when you visit BillsRoom before joining. (They often attend Webinars and Saturday Sessions where you can also engage in private message communications.) During your visit you'll also witness everyone trading, posting trade data and answering posed questions that give you a clear understanding of how each of us trades and how we're doing throughout each day— from 8 AM to 4 PM Eastern. You will verify that, not some, but all master traders are achieving 6 or 7-Figure performance with virtually no losing days as well as performance levels of those 'on the path to success'.

#1 - D.M.

  ❝I am currently a master real money trader beginning January of 2013. I trade 12 instruments, ZB,NG,ES, TF,NQ,YM,DAX, NG,GC,6E,CL,6B 23 hours a week (Mon - Fri 8 to 11AM and 2 days week 1 to 4PM) additionally. My winning percentage is over 85%, with average daily net profit exceeding net losses by over 3X.

     Since early 2016 I've had my trading account linked to 3 additional linked accounts that bring my total profits (losses) to 4X what I see in my primary live 6-figure account. My goal for 2017 is to become a certified CTA and manage other people's money in a managed futures account.

     I started my training with Dr. Bill in May of 2012 starting with his Basic Course. After spending about 5 months mastering this course with highly structured trading rules for stock index and currency futures in sim only trading I decided to move on to the Advanced Course that focuses initially on mastering CL trading. The reason I did was to get more trade opportunities per week. After about 3 months I began transitioning to real money trading beginning my transition to real money CL trading in January of 2013 with a very conservative trading plan. Over the next 6 months I successively transitioned back forth to sim trading 3 times with successive modifications to my trading plan until I became a consistent winning trader day in and day out. I focused on mastering 3 trades types well practicing them over and over in both Market Replay, and live market trading.

     When I was training to become a master trader I spent most full days in BillsRoom and then performed market replay trading an additional 2 hours most nights. Also I viewed the course training videos, asked tons of questions in the room and by email, and attended weekly Dr. Bill's after-market mentoring sessions where I received personal mentoring — who by the way is a proven high 88% winning trader day in and day out, year in and year out.

     If you consistently show up open minded and understand you will not learn to be consistent trader in just a month or two, you can become a master trader like I did. The only difference between you and me is TIME!!!! Dr. Bill has the uncanny ability to teach and trade his own account live in room. He is very patient, prompt in his responses back to you and thorough. He's willing to go over the same thing over and over until the light bulb goes on. He takes great pride in seeing his students succeed. He is quiet but realistic. If becoming a master trader was easy, all traders would be consistently profitable. Just like school you must learn before you earn, set realistic goals and then work hard to master the read the bars technique that Dr Bill teaches. He is a rare trader who walks the walk as a consistent winning trader who can teach you to become a master trader if you're WILLING to put all your baggage aside and start with open mind. I am not sure how long he will continue to teach, but I am completely independent of him and I am proud of that — and so is he, since this is his goal for students.

     I also enjoy the fellowship and mentoring other students in BillsRoom. The biggest challenge all of us share in the room is learning to let go of past trading education that did not work. The second biggest challenge is learning to release bias once in a trade. Getting wisdom of how to overcome fear and greed demons is huge as well. Learning to read context and focus on one trade at a time, learning to trust yourself and your results after thousands of trades. Developing a plan in sim and then transitioning to live money takes a lot of self confidence and you must find a style that suits your personality and risk tolerance. I am forever indebted to Dr. Bill that is why I like to give back by giving my time in the room. I encourage you to join us if trading is a passion of yours and want to become a consistently profitable trader day in and day out. I have only had 2 losing days this year and it has been more than 6 months since then. Today I was 20/1, 11/8/2016, (Election Day) when most traders probably did not even trade due to increased risk.❞

Here's a free download link to an interview I made with Dr. Bill soon after I became real money Master Trader

#2 - D.P.

  ❝I'm a Master 6 Figure real money trader in CL, NQ, YM, ES, GC, NG, 6E (90% of my trades are in CL & NQ). I've been trading real money since March 2015. I typically trade from 9 am - 2:30 PM EST averaging 25 to 30 hours per week. My Win/Loss averages 75% and my net profits average 3.5X my Net Losses. I've had no losing days in all my real money trading. (1 breakeven day early on).

     Prior to real money trading I sim traded for approx. 3 years, perfecting my skills at a pace I felt comfortable with. There were some interruptions due to managing a neck pain issue. I started out learning to trade the Forex Market in 2008. My early training gave me the foundation and understanding of how markets work. Learning the importance of Support & Resistance in trading has served me well, and is something I continue to use today.

     I struggled for a long time like most aspiring traders do. I decided that I needed to stop trying to create the wheel and find a trading community that was trading the way I liked to trade and offered the help and support I needed to reach my trading goal. I came to the realization that I didn't need to be good at trading a dozen different methods and/or changing methods every couple of days/weeks/months. I committed myself to getting really good at just one method of trading, and trading what I saw the easiest. This calmed me down and gave me the ability to focus and learn at a faster pace than ever before. Now I was in the game, becoming a serious player. As the small successes came, my confidence grew and I was able to transition to real money trading.

     Dr. Bill has been an excellent mentor. I honestly don't feel like I would have been able to make a successful transition to real money as early as I did (if at all) without his knowledge and help. As with any trading course out there, not everyone will agree as to which one is better than another. I suggest that you find one that agrees with your personality and style of trading. Fortunately for me, I found Dr. Bill and his trading room (BillsRoom) through a current student I had met elsewhere. I attended one of Bill's free Saturday sessions and new immediately that his method of trading was a perfect fit for me.

     One of the many great benefits of being a member of Bill's Trading Room is the knowledge and helps you receive from other students. Everyone has a genuine interest in you and your success. I took advantage of the opportunity this presented and met with several students throughout my learning process via phone conversations, Skype calls, and emails to discuss what they were doing, what was working for them and what was not. Having access to this close knit community of like minded traders is priceless.

     I'm a big believer in giving back and paying it forward. Over the past couple of years I have been helping other students in Bill's Room and will continue to do so.

     The training and help offered by Bill McDowell is top notch. He spends countless hours mentoring his small group of students while he trades throughout the day. As a part of Bill'sRoom you see the results of his trading as it happens. For example, he will say that he's long Oil, and then he tells you the details of the trade and when he's out. You see a chart in the room that shows you when/where he got into the trade and out of the trade. He offers weekly mentoring sessions to all of his students. His 2 courses include a rich knowledge based library of videos on every aspect of his trading method that students access as they progress through their individual learning plan.

     Final Thoughts: If trading is in your DNA and it hasn't happened for you yet the way you imagined it would, Don't Give Up! Stay persistent, believe in yourself and find a trading community that fits your personality - one that believes in you, and gives you the help and mentoring required to become a successful trader. Be thorough, and investigate several of the different trading courses that are out there. I personally feel that you'd be hard pressed to find one as good as the trading course/mentorship and community that Dr. Bill offers.❞

#3 - T.P.

  Master Advanced sim-trader, transitioning soon to real money trading - describing his room experience.

     ❝For 10 years Dr. Bill has successfully shared the method he mastered with students every day in BillsRoom resulting in master traders with an 80% win rate, and virtually no losing days.❞

A.      We analyze the context and energy of the markets learning to identify & avoid losing trades.

B.      We manage trades to lower risk & increase profit.

C.      We minimize losses for unavoidable losing trades.

D.      We learn to trade any market without relying on 'magical indicators'.

E.      We earn 6 figure incomes in a few hours of trading 'at home' supplementing or replacing prior income.

F.      We follow a proven path to a master trader skill level helped by been-there, done-that students.

G.      We develop a trading plan that fits us and find a comfortable way to successfully implement it.

H.      Before joining you visit BillsRoom and get connected with students so you can get their stories in private personal phone calls.

INVITATION: If you're not a consistently profitable trader, you're likely 'looking for trades in all the wrong places', to paraphrase the song. Perhaps for you it's just some of your trades that cause you too many losers. Unlike my students you likely haven't mastered RTB skills both for trade entries and post-entry-trade-management (PETM), along with the skill of knowing when 'not trading' is the right decision. Crucial concept: 'not trading is trading' and it's the most difficult thing to learn. This all means that unlike my students your average end-of-day losing trades aren't averaging less than 20%, your net losses aren't averaging less than half your net profits, and you have too many losing days.

Please join my students and me for this webinar - and the more detailed followup extended sessions on Saturdays at Noon Eastern. The Saturday sessions allow ample opportunity for Q & A, and usually a chance to meet and communicate with some of my students - who often attend these events. We're transparent in everything we do. Thus, 'private messaging' is always available — which i can't see. If you can't attend, free recordings are available simply by emailing a request to: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM.

Just contact Dr. Bill for free easy access to these Saturday Sessions - or free recordings, including this and prior Webinars at: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM.

Dr. Bill McDowell

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