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3 Simple Steps To Profit Consistently When Trading

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 2:30PM EST
Presenter: Reynaldo Soriano - Peak Performance Coach
Enlightened Super Trader Education

Reynaldo Soriano is the founder of Enlightened Super Trader Education - an elite trading academy based in San Francisco. Reynaldo has 17 years experience trading the markets and author of "Why You Could Be Destined To Fail In Trading and How You Can Avoid It!" He has worked with fund managers, floor traders of the CBOE, CBOT, and the NYSE.

About the Trading Workshop:
Reynaldo uses his experience and expertise as an elite athlete and as a world class peak performance coach the holistic approach to trading. Similar to sports, it is important to plan and prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually before a major competition. Trading is no different as we compete against elite trader athletes who have the experience, expertise, and resources to win consistently.

In this workshop, Reynaldo will show you the process how. He will:
Demonstrate live how to find potential trades using 3 Simple Steps How To Profit Consistently When Trading
Demonstrate the process and how it can be replicated trading Stocks, Forex, Futures, and Options
Demonstrate How To Enter and Exit based on a High Probability Low Risk Trading Method
Demonstrate How To Plan and Prepare Before Trading
Demonstrate How To Eliminate Negative Emotions such as Fear when Trading
Demonstrate How To Have a 100% Probability Trade
Demonstrate Why Risk To Reward is NOT the way to go
Demonstrate How To Trade Objectively
Show You Real Trading Results
Show You How To Be a Consistent, Profitable Trader With No BS!

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Join us on Wednesday, November 4th at 2:30EST for an informative event that you will not regret!

Reynaldo Soriano
Peak Performance Coach
E.S.T.E. - Enlightened Super Trader Education
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Risk Disclosure: All Trading Involves Some Risk. You should never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose - Please see our full Risk Disclaimer & Terms on our website.