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If You’re Not Making 5% a Day, We Need to Talk

Simple Strategies on SPY Options That Work in Any Market

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 4:30PM EST
Presenter: Head Trader Hugh — Lead Trade Coach & Mentor —

This Tuesday, February 19th at 4:30PM ET we are proud to feature If You’re Not Making 5% a Day, We Need to Talk Presented by Head Trader Hugh,


❝Simple Strategies on SPY Options That Work in Any Market❞

In this informative webinar with Head Trader Hugh, he'll cover many of these critical talking points...

𝔻𝕋𝕊 Would you be interested in a simple, yet effective strategy that earns a respectable 5% on SPY options?

𝔻𝕋𝕊 Join us live and find out why our system works where others fail miserably, especially if you are starting with just a little capital.

𝔻𝕋𝕊 See how to put the power of leverage and market direction in your favor for reliable profits.

𝔻𝕋𝕊 Discover how you can improve your overall success by a huge margin; In fact, you should not trade again until after you've viewed this live session.

𝔻𝕋𝕊 Learn how to choose your trading style: either by studying the mechanics of your trades ~ or ~ by letting us pick them for you!

𝔻𝕋𝕊 Find out why trading with = trading with the most trusted, professional mentor; you can expect a lifestyle change in as little as 30 days!

𝔻𝕋𝕊 REGISTER Early! This exciting webinar will leave you beaming with confidence! Do not miss it!


BONUS: All valid registrants will be emailed our valuable complimentary e-Book Kick Ass SPY Options with Trader Hugh - even if you can't attend the live webcast!

Make NO Mistake. Options trading IS risky business, but with the proper guidance, you can significantly lower that risk. See how MORE people are getting rich today than ever before by employing our strategies.

Do you have average intelligence, are comfortable with numbers, and have a willingness to learn something brand new?

If you answered ❝YES!❞ to that question, then you CAN do this.

No spreads, no unnecessary risk, no overwhelming pre-market analysis. Just the straight goods on making money in the market. Today, tomorrow and the day after.


Meet Our Host - Head Trader Hugh

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Trader Hugh - Head Trade Coach & Mentor

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