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Make a Living in Just 30 Minutes Daily

Monday May 09, 2016 5:30PM EDT
Presenter: Melissa Armo - The Stock Swoosh, LLC

To do what?

To make EXTRA money or start a new career...

Who are you talking to?


  • If you are not happy with your current job
  • If you want more income, and are free in the morning
  • If you are a Stay at Home Mom
  • If you are a Stay at Home Dad

    I don't have time to learn...


    It takes ONE weekend to learn and you will not be alone afterwards. You will get ongoing live help and guidance.


    What will I be doing?


    You will be buying and selling typically ONE or maybe two stocks in 30 minutes during the Market Open.


    Whoa...I know nothing about the stock market!?


    PERFECT. We prefer you DON'T. This has nothing to do with analyzing fundamentals or understanding the market.


    30 minutes a day?


    YES. 4 times a year individual stocks typically have a day when they have huge moves. Often more than the rest of the entire 3 months. We identify these handful of stocks daily, and capture those quick moves when we can. Some days we do nothing. You can witness this first hand by taking a trial to the online live room that does this every day.

    Click here to learn more about this at a free event titled:
    'Make A Living in 30 Minutes Daily' - Monday May 9th at 5:30 EDT.
    ✱You can also get your free trial to the Stock Swoosh Live Trading Room after that session.

    Click to catch Melissa on television - PIX 11 Channel's 'Financial Fix' from 3/2/16!

    Melissa Armo is an international businesswoman based out of New York City, where she runs The Stock Swoosh, LLC, an educational firm that shows clients how to trade successfully by using a 26 point system that she perfected over 8 years and focuses on trading just the opening hour when the most money can be made. Melissa runs her own successful live trading room and has clients based all over the world.

    Melissa Armo
    Phone: (929) 320-0427
    Skype: Stock Swoosh

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