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Cutting Edge Trend & Multi-Time Frame Trading Software

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 4:30PM EST
Presenter: Bill Broughman of KwikPOP

KwikPOP 6 w/ Dynamic Power Tools is one of the most highly acclaimed and longest selling indicator suite for NinjaTrader, Trade Station and Sierra Charts on the market today. Come discover the difference trading with KwikPop can make for your trading, whether you are a Futures, Forex, or Stocks trader. It does not matter whether you tend to focus on DOW, Nadex, or the foreign exchange, KwikPOP and its' UNPARRALLELED Support & LIVE Training can help you ❛cross the finish line❜ with your trading; turning your losers to winners on a CONSISTENT basis.

So PLEASE do yourself a favor as a trader — Visit ANY page on the website or Email with your advance or post-event inquiries, and download a two week, full-featured free trial of the software.

You will be positively AMAZED at the difference that trading with the KwikPOP suite can make for your trading‼

This Tuesday, February 27th at 4:30PM ET we feature ❝Your Quest ENDS HERE: KWIKPOP 6 - Acclaimed Trading Suite; Tools/Software AND Education for use with Futures, Forex, ETF'S, Stocks, FOREX & Bond Futures - Live Exhibition of the BEST in Multi-Time Frame & Trend Trading Software, Support & Trading Education❞ presented by Bill Broughman of KWIKPOP



KWIKPOP 6 - The Best in Trend Trading Tools
KWIKPOP'S Renowned Futures Education Program‼

Our KWIKPOP Educational program is a 6-month intensive small group study program run by Bill (Company owner with 20+ years Trading experience),  and Mike our Co-Moderator (A former floor trader from the ES Pits in Chicago with 30+ years of trading experience - both in the pits and by computer). The course/program is designed with a singular goal; that goal being to teach you to run your trading like a business, and become consistently successful in your results. 

This process begins each morning at 7:30AM (CST) / 8:30AM (EST) with a 45-minute classroom session which then moves to trading the live market. 

We move you from trading in a simulator, to trading a cash account, based solely on your progress.

Each morning, we go through various indicators and their assorted market setups, Support/Resistance levels, etc., including how to approach them, and the best ways to enter trades at or around them. 

We work as a small group, so we can give you the needed support and attention you require to get you to a place of understanding the market with the following always in mind;

Where are we?
Where could we go?
Where should we go?
…And, of course, where should we not go⁉

Course Includes: 
Daily classroom training group
🏆 KWIKPOP 6 with Dynamic Power Tools
Daily Trade Training during Market Hours
🏆  One-on-One Coaching/Mentoring as Needed

We believe this to be the most superior training program of its' kind. 

Join us from February 28th through March 2nd, as we open our doors, and let you spend some time with us to get a read on the great system we use to get and then STAY  on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE MARKET‼

YOU MUST Register for this webinar with a valid email address to qualify for this preview...

DATE: Tuesday, February 27th
TIME: 4:30PM EDT / 3:30PM CDT / 1:30PM PDT

KWIKPOP Software was established in 1999 with a 19+ year business history of providing the most LEADING EDGE SOFTWARE & UNMATCHED SUPPORT IN THE TRADING INDUSTRY.   


Bill Broughman

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