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Profits Unlimited If You Identify & CORRECT 10 Mistakes

Tuesday, September 11, 2018 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: Dr. Bill McDowell - Lead Trader & Head Master Trader Coach of BillsRoom

This Tuesday, September 11th at 4:30PM ET we are proud to feature: Profits Unlimited If You Identify & CORRECT 10 Mistakes Presented by Dr. Bill McDowell of BillsRoom



Profitable trading critically depends on self-awareness, self-discovery and self- management because in life and in trading we learn from our mistakes, provided we identify them and correct them.

Come join Dr. Bill and students for this important Webinar. You will discover the 10 key mistakes that real traders have learned to avoid and in so doing, achieve 6 and 7-figure performances year after year.

SPECIAL UPFRONT NOTE: Most unsuccessful traders, especially trend traders, find it hard to believe that my students and I actually achieve ‘virtually no losing’ days with 6 or 7 figure profits year in and year out in various markets and in all market conditions. Skepticism is quite understandable. That’s why anyone interested in joining us first communicates privately with traders in our room who’ve been doing this, some months, others for many years. (See below for reports from 2 of these traders.) This is not new. We’ve been doing this continuously now in BillsRoom for 13 years. 


THE BIG MISTAKE MOST OF US HAVE MADEWe’ve lost money, often blowing our accounts as I did twice totaling over $100K, because we began trading real money (RM) before we followed a Trading Plan that we had tested in all market conditions consistently experiencing virtually no losing days. (Successful traders in BillsRoom don’t transition from sim to RM trading unless or until for months they attain daily average goals of less than 20% losers with these losses averaging less than half of net profits — this has proven to automatically result in virtually no losing days.) 


SECOND MISTAKE MOST OF US HAVE TO CONTINUOUSLY FIGHT — DEMONSA ?demon? mistake is when you enter a trade or manage it in a manner that not consistent with your Trading Plan — such as ?Urge trade? entries or moving your stops back because you fail to accept the loss exit rules defined in your Trading Plan. (One of my students delayed transitioning from sim to RM trading for a year before he overcame the move-stops-back demon, notwithstanding his sim performance consistently resulted in meeting the above mentioned % goals and virtually no losing days.) 


NEXT BIG MISTAKE IN WORDS OF STEENBARGER:  ?Could it be that the majority of traders fail to find success, not because they trade the wrong ‘setups’ and styles, but because they pursue performance in a way that could not work in any performance field?? He quotes an AMSD study: ?Simply formulating a goal led to a probability of success of 10%. Having a concrete plan of reaching the goal raised the odds of attaining the goal to 50%. Having a specific person to whom you are accountable for the goal and a specific time set to review performance with that person led to an achievement of 95%.? 

(Unlike other rooms every day in BillsRoom students who ultimately succeed do this with their friends as a group or by teaming up outside the room. Furthermore, unlike other rooms the master traders mentor new students along with Dr. Bill. In fact, their mentoring is often more valuable because they’ve succeeded in going through the learning process that Dr. Bill created, but importantly he didn’t go through this process himself the way students do.)  









NINTH IS IGNORING THE VALUE OF SCALPING SKILLS—A HUGE MISTAKE:  Scalping relies heavily on reading the price action in real time. How you employ such skills in your Trading Plan is a personal decision. However, there’s great value in learning Reading-The-Bars. You may choose not to use it in your Trading Plan but you should do so only after attaining some level of mastery so that you can make an informed decision. (In BillsRoom we call our methodology "Scalp-First" because we depend heavily on scalping skills to achieve our % goals - particularly virtually no losing days. It’s called "Scalp-First" because most students have trend trading in their Trading Plans and, if fact, succeed in capturing most all trend trades. They get a lot of small winners, scalps, which typically add up to more profit in the day than the sum of all trend trades.)

FREE VIDEOS & SATURDAY SESSION Q&A: This Webinar is a one hour introduction to our ‘Scalp-First’ methodology. The following Saturday (and all other Saturdays) in my trading room, I take much more time to informally reveal all the details of this methodology welcoming questions and discussions. Some students usually attend and participate in the discussions — and Private Messaging is always available. The Sessions are held every Saturday beginning at NOON Eastern Time, and you are welcome to join free of charge for any of the time that’s convenient for you. Contact me at for access instructions. Also, free recordings of all Webinars and Saturday Sessions are available by email request. Send those to: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM

MESSAGES FROM STUDENTS: Below is one student’s ‘Journey’ disclosure, with whom will likely speak with in person— in addition to any other students you choose — should you opt to visit our trading room. In fact, he usually attends these Webinars, and unlike any other rooms Private Messaging is always an option for all. Also below, there’s a recorded audio interview with a 7-figure student/Master Trader, who’s now in his 6th year of real money trading — with no more than 3 losing days per year after the first few months of transitioning in 2013.    

One Traders Journey
   (Sheep & Cattle farmer in Wales, UK)    
“I've made a decision as a payback to what Dr Bill has taught me, I'm going to write a realistic trading plan, which will follow the journey and path to where I am now. It’s not even fully written yet, but is summarized here.
I really feel the results I show are overwhelming for most people and to some probably unrealistic - and also some may even feel it's maybe bullshit, (excuse my language).    
Believe me, these results are unreal to myself even, the figures I show in the weekly results at one time I could previously only dream about. I’m not particularly clever or academic, which just shows anything is possible with hard work.
I also understand every person is different with very different goals and aspirations, I understand most people have family and work commitments where time is such a relevant issue.    

To give you some realistic figures, the initial goal was to make 1000 British pounds (per week) - which equates to roughly $250USD/day. The goal was to supplement the farm business, it was not unrealistic at the time, (and not an insignificant extra additional income for so many folks). I can show you the daily goals I set for myself - and how they changed over time. These goals are still changing on a weekly basis. I must also stress it will not be an easy journey, but with Dr Bill’s, myself - and other traders with far more experience than I, were always available to help - and did help, all along the way.   
I had lots of issues on my path to where I am now - namely emotional issues, when going from sim to real money trading. I will share more in the detailed Trading Plan.    

By now I suppose I'm lucky to have more time to do this as I'm coming up to retirement. Life is a journey, a long journey - but as you get older, you soon realize that you have to make the most of that journey.  
If you decide not to take this further and follow another path to becoming a trader, I wish you every success, and can I also just say that I have nothing to gain by promoting Dr Bill’s Course. This is my payback for his help, period.”    ~Ed

7-Figure Master Student Dave's Story
   (Optometrist in Florida, USA)

Here's a free download link to an interview I made with Dr. Bill soon after I became real money Master Trader

“I am currently a master real money trader beginning January of 2013. I trade 12 instruments, ZB,NG,ES, TF,NQ,YM,DAX, NG,GC,6E,CL,6B 23 hours a week (Mon - Fri 8 to 11AM and 2 days week 1 to 4PM) additionally. My winning percentage is over 85%, with average daily net profit exceeding net losses by over 3X.
Since early 2016 I’ve had my trading account linked to 3 additional linked accounts that bring my total profits (losses) to 4X what I see in my primary live 6-figure account.

I started my training with Dr. Bill in May of 2012 starting with his Basic Course. After spending about 5 months mastering this course with highly structured trading rules for stock index and currency futures in sim only trading I decided to move on to the Advanced Course that focuses initially on mastering CL trading. The reason I did was to get more trade opportunities per week. After about 3 months I began transitioning to real money trading beginning my transition to real money CL trading in January of 2013 with a very conservative trading plan. Over the next 6 months I successively transitioned back forth to sim trading 3 times with successive modifications to my trading plan until I became a consistent winning trader day in and day out. I focused on mastering 3 trades types well practicing them over and over in both Market Replay and live market trading.
When I was training to become a master trader I spent most full days in BillsRoom and then performed market replay trading an additional 2 hours most nights. Also I viewed the course training videos, asked tons of questions in the room and by email, and attended weekly Dr. Bill’s after-market mentoring sessions where I received personal mentoring— who by the way is a proven high 88% winning trader day in and day out, year in and year out.    

If you consistently show up open minded and understand you will not learn to be consistent trader in just a month or two, you can become a master trader like I did. The only difference between you and me is TIME!!!! Dr. Bill has the uncanny ability to teach and trade his own account live in room. He is very patient, prompt in his responses back to you and thorough. He’s willing to go over the same thing over and over until the light bulb goes on. He takes great pride in seeing his students succeed. He is quiet but realistic. If becoming a master trader was easy, all traders would be consistently profitable. Just like school you must learn before you earn, set realistic goals and then work hard to master the read the bars technique that Dr Bill teaches. He is a rare trader who walks the walk as a consistent winning trader who can teach you to become a master trader if you’re WILLING to put all your baggage aside and start with open mind. I am not sure how long he will continue to teach, but I am completely independent of him and I am proud of that — and so is he, since this is his goal for students.   
I also enjoy the fellowship and mentoring other students in BillsRoom. The biggest challenge all of us share in the room is learning to let go of past trading education that did not work. The second biggest challenge is learning to release bias once in a trade. Getting wisdom of how to overcome fear and greed demons is huge as well. Learning to read context and focus on one trade at a time, learning to trust yourself and your results after thousands of trades. Developing a plan in sim and then transitioning to live money takes a lot of self confidence and you must find a style that suits your personality and risk tolerance. I am forever indebted to Dr. Bill that is why I like to give back by giving my time in the room. I encourage you to join us if trading is a passion of yours and want to become a consistently profitable trader day in and day out. I have only had 2 losing days this year and it has been more than 6 months since then. I write this testimonial on a day that I was 20/1, it's 11/8/2016 — Election Day — when most traders probably did not even trade due to such increased risk.”   ~Dave


INVITATION: If you're not a consistently profitable trader, you're likely ?looking for trades in all the wrong places?, to paraphrase the song. Perhaps for you it's just some of your trades that cause you too many losers. Unlike my students you likely haven't mastered RTB skills both for trade entries and post-entry-trade-management (PETM), along with the skill of knowing when ?not trading? is the right decision. Crucial concept: ?not trading is trading?, and it's one of the most difficult things to grasp. This all means that unlike my students — your average end-of-day losing trades aren't averaging less than 20% — so your net losses aren't averaging less than half of your net profits, and you have too many losing days.

Please join my students and me for this webinar - and the more detailed followup extended sessions on Saturdays at Noon Eastern Time. The Saturday sessions allow ample opportunity for Q & A, and usually a chance to meet and communicate with some of my students - who often attend these events. We're transparent in everything we do. Thus, ?private messaging? is always available — which i can't see. If you can't attend, free recordings are available simply by emailing a request to: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM.

Just contact Dr. Bill for free easy access to these Saturday Sessions - or free recordings, including this and prior Webinars at: DRWMCD@GMAIL.COM.

Dr. Bill McDowell

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