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Advanced Auto-Trading with SMART AI

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: AI Trading Technologies

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest advance in trading history. Its performance, consistency and risk management eventually surpasses every trading system, software package, or indicator. Institutional traders are developing and deploying complex artificial intelligence trading systems that make them billions every year. 

It’s time average traders have direct access to the latest tools and technology institutional traders use to rule the markets. A. I. Trading Technology is unveiling Sunlight A.I., the first deep learning, deep neural network artificial intelligence platform designed exclusively for average traders. 

We’re inviting you to attend the first in our series of webinars on Tuesday October 17, with Online Trader Central and see how Sunlight A.I. could make your trading more consistent, simpler and potentially more profitable. 

AI Facts:

AITT   Artificial intelligence is being used by the most profitable financial companies

AITT   Hedge funds and money management firms allocate significant sections of their portfolios to AI systems because those systems generate consistent profits that are larger than even the best institutional traders can generate

AITT   AI is the future of trading

AI Trading Technology has taken Trading Science & Catapulted it to an entirely new level:

AITT   Artificial intelligence that is being used by the most profitable financial companies 

AITT   Advanced Machine Learning Systems - It is heuristically based, it learns winning trades/setups and applies them for future trades

AITT   Ongoing Maximum Trading Results for MAX Efficiency.

The Key to trading success is literally a sixty-minute session away!  Traders who integrate AI into their strategies will make MORE MONEY, MORE CONSISTENTLY, and suffer FEWER LOSSES than traders using ANY other system or strategy. 

Join us on October 17th to learn more about this incredible new technology! 



DATE: Tuesday October 17th
TIME: 4:30PM EDT / 3:30PM CDT / 1:30PM PDT

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