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Finally...Your FREE Ticket to a REAL LIVE Trading Room

Thursday, September 29, 2016 4:30PM EDT

We Trade Live In Your Face Everyday!

What is

We are a 100% Transparent, Professional, and Intimate FREE News Trading Room, executing daily trades LIVE in REAL TIME, with Real Money, and in FULL VIEW using our Semi-Automated JOBB Software. So far in 2016, we hold and UNBELIEVABE 100% flawless WIN record trading the US JOBS Report (NON FARM) profitably for 9 straight months in a row.

Earlier this month, Leigh Goldstein, JOBB Director and Trade Room Moderator executed a $450 profit within 4 seconds on the September JOBS Report in FRONT OF 100 Spectator's LIVE.

Here's Proof: JOBB Live Trading the Non Farm Payrolls Report

I have a really busy work schedule, is JOBB for me?

The nice thing about our program is it caters to people who work or have busy schedules. We are the only trading program that gives a predictable schedule of market action. For instance if a report breaks at 9:00, you could sit down about 10 min before to prepare and get setup, then execute the trade and be out by 9:02 and shut down the computer. Total time footprint about 12 mins. We also give you the settings and trend analysis of each report in detail which you will not find anywhere else. By contrast, institutional trades have to wait for a potential 'setup' to come, which in reality is random AND unpredictable. You may wait 5 mins. or 5 hrs. for an entry opportunity, there's no way to tell.

With about 50 reports a month on news that breaks around the clock, this fits EVERY schedule with several opportunities clustered between 3AM and 5AM, 8:30AM and 10:30AM, 12PM and 2PM, and 9:00PM - 10:00PM (Note that all our times are in Eastern Time).

Some of Our Agenda Points...  
 Spike Trading in Action / State of the Art Tools for News Trading  
 Professional Brand NEW JOBB Trade Room: Watch us Trade Live Everyday - Start immediately  
 DEMO of How our JOBB Software Works  
 Trap Trade 2.0 Software which lends to "No More Slippage"  
 Our Super Fast Tech and email support.  
 We Help You Choose The News That Makes You Money and send you a report IN ADVANCE to trade!  
 Honest Q & A on the News Releases that MATTER for your quick & easy profits

Lastly, we are a MONTH TO MONTH membership with no large up front costs, and members can cancel at any time with no hidden '''gotchas'. We like to think that we offer a rare opportunity to trade futures in an atmosphere that promotes a positive trading experience for our clients. We hope you'll take the time to join us for our webinar September 29th, so you can get acquainted with us and we'll make it worth your time for having done so. We'll see you at the live session!

Your Partner in Prosperity,

The JOBB Team

Eric 'E-Money' Spiker & Leigh Goldstein

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Trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. For our full disclosure and terms, please see our website.