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Simply the Very Best Multi-Time Frame Trading Software

Tuesday, February 06, 2018 4:30PM EST
Presenter: Bill Broughman of KwikPOP

This Tuesday, February 6th at 4:30PM ET we feature ❝Your Quest ENDS HERE: KWIKPOP 6 - Acclaimed Trading Suite; Tools/Software AND Education for use with Futures, Forex, ETF'S, Stocks, FOREX & Bond Futures - Live Exhibition of the BEST in Multi-Time Frame & Trend Trading Software, Support & Trading Education❞ presented by Bill Broughman of KWIKPOP



KWIKPOP 6 - The Best in Trend Trading Tools
KWIKPOP'S Renowned Futures Education Program!

Our KWIKPOP Educational program is a 6-month intensive small group study program run by Bill (Company owner with 20+ years Trading experience),  and Mike our Co-Moderator (A former floor trader from the ES Pits in Chicago with 30+ years of trading experience - both in the pits and by computer). The course/program is designed with a singular goal; that goal being to teach you to run your trading like a business, and become consistently successful in your results. 

This process begins each morning at 7:30AM (CST) / 8:30AM (EST) with a 45-minute classroom session which then moves to trading the live market. 

We move you from trading in a simulator, to trading a cash account, based solely on your progress.

Each morning, we go through various indicators and their assorted market setups, Support/Resistance levels, etc., including how to approach them, and the best ways to enter trades at or around them. 

We work as a small group, so we can give you the needed support and attention you require to get you to a place of understanding the market with the following always in mind;
Where are we?
Where could we go?
Where should we go?
...And, of course, where should we not go⁉

Course Includes: 
Daily classroom training group
🏆 KWIKPOP 6 with Dynamic Power Tools
Daily Trade Training during Market Hours
🏆  One-on-One Coaching/Mentoring as Needed

We believe this to be the most superior training program of its' kind. 

Join us beginning February 7th, 8th & 9th, as we will open our doors and let you spend some time with us to get a read on the great system we use to get on, and STAY  with the RIGHT SIDE OF THE MARKET each day!  

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DATE: Tuesday, February 6th
TIME: 4:30PM EDT / 3:30PM CDT / 1:30PM PDT


KWIKPOP Software was established in 1999 with a 19+ year business history of providing the most LEADING EDGE SOFTWARE & UNMATCHED SUPPORT IN THE TRADING INDUSTRY.   


Bill Broughman

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