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How to Overthrow Soul-Crushing Losses & Gain Ultimate Freedom!

Presenter: The Breakout Trading Revolution


Brand new! "The BreakOut Trading Revolution" book and video package

Presenter: Tomas Nesnidal — aka "Mr. Breakouts"



Tomas Nesnidal grew up under the shadow of Communism in the former Czechoslovakia but witnesses a revolution that changed everything in his world very quickly.

Now Mr. Breakouts is telling the inspiring story of his rise to the pinnacle of the trading world as a successful retail trader and million-dollar Hedge Fund director. Even better, in The BreakOut Trading Revolution he tells you how to apply his Universal Formula to your own trading, in any market!

The book includes a PDF version, a download with the actual Universal Formula code presented in the book, a Workbook to track your progress, and a video walkthrough showing you how to test your new breakout strategies.

Grab your copy today, and get started with Mr. Breakouts’ proven methodology, for less than the cost of lunch!

To your trading success,

Andrew Swanscott
Better Trader Academy



P.S.: Here’s what readers of "The BreakOut Trading Revolution" have to say about "The BreakOut Trading Revolution":

Although he is one of the biggest stars from Europe in the trading industry, Tomáš gracefully acknowledges other industry influences and trading educators. His energy and sincere desire to help others achieve come across in every line.  
William Gallwas, President, Striker Securities, Inc.


The Breakout Trading Revolution is an excellent and unique user guide for all developers and systematic traders both new and experienced.  
Martin Lembak, Account Executive / Portfolio Analyst at Striker Securities, Inc.



This deceptively simple approach, when combined with other basic trading ingredients, produces an endless supply of strategies that can be profitably automated. A byproduct is that you can add your own, “Secret Sauce,” to make strategies fit your personality and pocketbook. Read this book, learn the formula, code the strategies, and internalize how they work. Then stoke the fires of your own alchemical thinking and BreakOut as well! Five Stars!  
Al Biddinger, Professional Trader


As a busy trader, I “didn’t have time” to read this book. But when I opened it, I couldn’t put it down! Tomas’s enthusiasm and life experiences motivate me to do and be better. The Universal Trading Formula really works…at least it has for me! Now to get creative and implement more of Tomas’ fundamentals: simple profit-taking exits, global markets, and the power of the time component. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration, Mr. Breakouts!  
Jim Weigel, Professional Trader & Position Sizing Specialist

DISCLAIMER: Trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone. People can and do lose money. Hypothetical results have many inherent limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.