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PROOF that Markets are NOT Random

Thursday, September 06, 2018 4:30PM EDT
Presenter: Brad Collins of

This ThursdaySeptember 6th @ 4:30PM EDT we feature: ❝PROOF Markets Are NOT Random  presented by Brad Collins; System Designer & Analyst @ GANN EDGE, LLC

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Finally revealed — How to use the most talked about entry trading methods ever developed. We will show you how W.D. GANN’S methods — when applied properly — can be used for effective intraday trading. When used correctly, these methods can show you how to determine exactly at what price the market will change direction, and what your next move should be so that you capture substantial gains.

Know that the market is not random. See how using specific Gann numbers to understand exactly were the market will turn, can help predict those changes much more accurately.

We will actually coach you and show you how to trade the GANN method correctly. We actually use real money as you see us plot the entry live on our charts. Stop relying on magic trading bars or indicators.

The Markets are not random. They move off specific prices that have already been calculated. The market continually bounces off these levels and we will show you how. 

In addition we will cover:
How to consistently profit off GANN numbers
Why we start at 8:40AM and are always done before 11:30AM ET
Most active time to trade
If you are in a different time zone you can trade the GANN method successfully starting at the GLOBEX open.
Can be used on any trading platform or any time frame

If you are serious about trading for a living, or even making it a part time income, then this is one webinar NOT to miss!




Brad Collins - Head Trading Coach & Analyst
[email protected]

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